Wallarm Release 2.12
Time to Update Your Wallarm Node

Wallarm’s latest update has fine-tuned a lot of deep tech on the backend, which will help your nodes run better and offer users who want more manual control easier customization. While most of the benefits are under-the-hood, noticeable features include attack grouping and new automated templates to further help with false-positives and QA.

[Ready to update? Follow the update instructions or check out Node 2.12 Release Notes to update now]

Reorganizing inside the Node is going to increase your performance. Some technical benefits we’ve revved up include:
  • Implementation of new directives to allow for more hands-on tuning, so you can choose to balance processes manually.
  • Better configuration control, making it faster to do things like set time limits on how long a request is scanned before it can go forward.

And, finally, don’t forget to check out our new Product News alerts in your user interface. We’re making it easier for you to stay up-to-date on product and security news.

Optional 403: Automated Responses to Blocked RequestsMost blocked requests are malicious. In these cases, it may serve a company not to give attackers data. However, if you are a company worried about false positives or users having difficulty with requests are blocked for any reason, you can automate a response to alert the requester. The templatized response will notify the requester and provide some data:
  • IP address
  • Date
  • A unique request identification

Once the user knows their request was denied, they can take action. Our template’s data helps users understand the error and communicate with support teams to identify and respond to false positives.

The automated response template can help identify patterns of false positives. If the Wallarm Node filters too aggressively for your goals, you can adjust rules. For example, maybe the Node is working too well, blocking requests that look like bots, but are automated processes. Every business landscape and risk threshold can be customized to suit your business.

Choosing to automate response templates, your QA and Support teams can get to the root of mistakes easier. To turn on our templates, update the node and go to your Wallarm configuration settings.

Attack Grouping

The power of issue analysis is now boosted. And, it will save your developers work! Wallarm node can now analyze identified issues even more intelligently, so that malicious requests that are similar on HTML JS levels are now presented as one attack.

Most likely, the entire group of this sort of malicious requests can be defended against with a single virtual patch or an application fix. The pipeline, streamlined.

Getting Better All the Time

Before you sign off, thanks for being with us. Remember to update!

By the way, we are always looking for new ways to protect your APIs and web applications. We are expanding into new ways to easily deploy in whatever cloud system you choose—Docker, Kubernetes, NGINX dynamic module, or a pre-built image in major cloud marketplaces, like AWS, GCP.

Stay tuned for more great partnerships, developments, features, and new solutions to supercharge your security.

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