• Security for the modern web

    A complete solution for blocking attacks & detecting vulnerabilities

  • Prioritize your security efforts

    Confirm whether attack is dangerous and targeting existing vulnerabilities

  • Vulnerability management ready

    Get auto-generated tickets to fix vulnerabilities

  • All the data
    in one place

    Clutter-free dashboard with prioritized attack alerts

  • Ready for high volume apps

    Available as superfast NGINX-based filter nodes

Continuous security for agile teams

Next-generation web application firewall and vulnerability scanner in one unified product.

Install filter instances
in a matter of minutes

With your favorite DevOps tools, deploy nodes from Linux package or Docker container. As easy as NGINX.


Detect anomalies and block attacks with no latency

Machine learning engine adapts security rules as your applications evolve and get updated.


Discover security flaws and attempts of their exploitation

Built-in scanner continuously checks applications to provide developers with bug-fix tickets for vulnerabilities.

Easy deployment in five minutes

Scalable for any loads. DevOps friendly. Based on NGINX.

Install Linux package

Deploy filter node with your package manager:

apt-get install nginx-wallarm

Available for CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Amazon Linux. See the Getting Started tutorial.


Or use Docker

Single command line to run new node:

docker run -d -v /path/to/license.key:/etc/wallarm/license.key -e DEPLOY_USER="deploy@example.com" -e DEPLOY_PASSWORD="secret" -e NGINX_BACKEND=example.com -p 80:80 wallarm/node

Learn more about using cointainers for Wallarm.

Real-time data on attacks and vulnerabilities

One dashboard for all applications, servers, and data centers.

Hundreds of applications are protected with Wallarm