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Ensure investors’ trust with “Verified by Wallarm” status after completing the independent security audit. Strengthen your outreach with a security quote in your whitepaper
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Secure Verified ICO
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ICO under $5M
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ICO under $50M
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ICO over $50M
Security Experts

Wallarm security experts have conducted more than 200 security audits for banks, payment systems, internet companies, and other businesses worldwide.

We have nine years of experience and strong expertise in penetration testing, vulnerabilities discovery, and code analysis. Wallarm is trusted by many of Nasdaq and Fortune 500 companies for ensuring application security. Our security researchers have earned a number of bug bounty awards from the who’s who of the Internet, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Yandex.

Protect from hackers - increase confidence

Recently, several companies planning Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) have approached us to help secure these offerings. The strong interest in security is driven by the high risk of cybercrime and its severe financial impact. For instance, almost $15M or 10% of the entire value of Ethereum’s 2017 ICO investments were hijacked by bad agents, who either looked to establish control over ICO websites or to steal from coin buyers.

The service that Wallarm provides to ICO minters focuses on the security of the architecture, the event itself, and subsequent operations.

Here is how Wallarm helps with ICO security

Verified security and compliance of the smart contract and software stack

Reduced risk of successful hack with runtime protection


Independent third party verification of the token platform security status

Increased investment confidence

Pavel Stukolov
CEO of TokenStars
With the help of Wallarm’s service, TokenStars was able to quickly regain control of its web infrastructure and thwart the cybercriminals’ attempts to compromise its systems. We recommend to anyone who is currently working on an ICO to put their security first.
Wallarm ICO Service Pack
ICO Verification
Include ICO into the registryIndependent third-party verification available to all potential investors“Verified by Wallarm” badge and verifiable registry entry
Smart contacts security review (including backdoors and business-related issues discovery)Analysis and documentation of the smart token contract codebase for quality, security, and any possible discrepancies with the white paperSmart Contract Audit Report
Network infrastructure discovery and audit (DNS, BGP, port scanning, and services discovery)Generating a map of domains and IP addresses of all the assets, including online services under the same domain, utilizing dictionary domain scanning, regular and reverse DNS lookup, search engine indexes, and search across various public sources. Followed by port scanning and detecting services that are accessible on those ports.Network Perimeter Discovery Report
Compliance security and configuration review (gold level and above)Audit the software stack architecture security and configuration data. Detect possible vulnerabilities in the custom logic and underlying software stack.Compliance Security Report
Penetration test (gold level and above)Hybrid automated scanner and manual testing approach to detect vulnerabilities, assess risks, and suggest remediation steps.Penetration Testing Report
ICO Protection
ICO is searchable in the registrySix months of service
Run-time protection of transactions and APIs by Wallarm’s AppSec solutionSix month protection by Wallarm Adaptive Application Security platform with Next Gen WAFAttack and incident reports in the GUI
Proactive incident response by Wallarm team (platinum level only)Risk assessment and managed incident response during ICO salesDedicated support contact during ICO
Additional Services
Extended contract for registry and Website Run-Time ProtectionAdditional six months of service
Marketing supportApproved press release template, professional security-related quotes for white papers
Premier marketing supportCustom industry-focused security chapter for the white paper
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