Advanced Cloud-Native WAF
Wallarm Advanced WAF protects websites, APIs and microservices from OWASP Top 10, bots and application abuse with no manual rule configuration and ultra-low false positives.
Protect from all types of threats
  • XSS, XXE, SQL Injections, RCE and other OWASP Top 10 threats
  • Brute-force attacks, dirbusting, and account takeover (ATO)
  • Application abuse and logic bombs
  • Bots
No manual rule configuration
  • 88% of customers use Wallarm Advanced Cloud-Native WAF in blocking mode
  • Signature-free rules are created automatically and customized for every application
Reliable in any environment
  • Robust, fast, highly available filtering nodes
  • A variety of deployment in any cloud
  • Modern tech stack support: Docker, Kubernetes, websockets
  • Managed and scaled by DevOps toolchain
New Generation WAF
Wallarm vs. Legacy WAF
Replace your legacy WAF that disrupts operations and produces irrelevant alerts. With Wallarm Advanced Cloud-Native WAF, you get compliance, real-time visibility, and an ultra-low false positive rate because of dynamic, application-specific rules.
Focus on high-risk attacks
Wallarm automatically analyzes thousands of events to find attacks that present high risk and groups them into security incidents.
AI-Generated Security Rules
AI-powered platform learns from stateless traffic to deconstruct application logic and create application-specific rules. The rules are updated dynamically.
Integrates with existing infrastructure

Deployment options

Dynamic module:

NGINX / NGINX PlusKongKubernets Ingress

Reverse Proxy:

DockerLinux Package

API and Integrations

Full open API:

Operational controlsData retrieval

Out-of-the-box integrations:





Sumo logic

Certified environments

Public clouds:


Private / Hybrid clouds:

Docker / Kubernetes
We tried to use mod_security, but there was a lot of pain with the complicated rules / signatures and non-stop false positives.
The environment is very dynamic, and there are a lot of applications and APIs to protect, so we needed a solution that is automated, self-tuning, and centrally managed.
Wallarm was able to profile the normal operation the web infrastructure and identify the application-layer (L7) DDoS attack.
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