Automate Security
testing in CI/CD
Identify vulnerabilities in apps and APIs with dynamic security testing as fast as your DevOps runs
Shift left to do security right
Traditional approach
Heavy manual analysis slows down development
  • Testing varies in frequency
  • Security is a development roadblock
  • Disjointed Security and Dev cycles
  • Relies on security professionals only
DevSecOps approach
Automated continuous security enables high-velocity CI/CD
  • Integrated testing for every code build
  • Security is guardrails
  • Unified CI workflows for DevSecOps
  • Developer friendly
Wallarm FAST has many cool features to help DevOps teams strike the delicate balance between the security of the application and the very short release cycles.
Chris Rodriguez
Senior Analyst, Front & Sullivan
How does FAST work?
Get more from the testing you’re already doing.

FAST automatically transforms existing functional tests into security tests in CI/CD. A FAST proxy (Docker container) is used to capture requests as baselines. It then creates and runs a multitude of security checks for every build.

Use OWASP Top 10 defaults or specify your own testing policies, like types of parameters to test, payloads, or fuzzer settings.

Report vulnerabilities and anomalies to the CI pipeline and ticketing system.
Test APIs (JSON- or XML/SOAP-based)
Test both legacy and modern web applications
Identify OWASP Top 10 issues like XXE, SQLi, RCE, XSS
Leverage pre-defined tests, fuzzer, or create custom checks
Maintain session context
Define and detect anomalies and vulnerabilities
Define, start, and stop tests via FAST API
Integrations and Automation
FAST is different from other testing tools.

Most testing software is developed to be manually used. FAST is developed for automation. Everything you need to run is doable through the API.
Easily integrate FAST with any CI tools already in action:
Test automation solutions:
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