Wallarm FAST: Automated Security Testing
Wallarm Framework for Application Security Testing (FAST) - get a huge increase in security test coverage without spending a lot of time. FAST uses fuzzer and known security payload library to automatically create and run 1000X security tests for every functional test.
Automatically Generate and Run Security Tests:
  • Thousands of security tests generated for each functional test
  • Tests for xss, path traversal, sqli, rce and other OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities
  • One line deployment in a Docker container
  • Automated fuzzing of multiple parameters based on rules
  • Gray Box testing - maintain session context
  • Define and detect anomalies in addition to vulnerabilities
  • Tests can be defined and started via API
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Wallarm FAST: Automated Security Testing

Quickly run FAST on your local Linux machine

Sign up for a trial FAST account at https://fast.wallarm.com/signup and note your credentials.

Retrieve and run the container:

$ docker run -p 8888:8080 --rm --name your-docker-name -ti -e WALLARM_API_TOKEN='base64-token-from-the-clipboard' -e ALLOWED_HOSTS=app-to-test.yourdomain.com wallarm/fastcopy

Log in the UI, create a Test Run, start test run with a specified TestRunID:

$ docker exec -ti fast-proxy set_policy 'type=!fuzzer;insertion=exclude:POST_(.*)'copy

Chris Rodriguez, 
Senior Analyst, Frost & Sullivan
Wallarm FAST has many cool features to help DevOps teams strike the delicate balance between the security of the application and the very short release cycles