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PCI Compliance, Application Security and AI

This whitepaper explains how e-commerce vendors, merchants and processors can satisfy PCI DSS compliance and mitigate the risks of payment card application vulnerabilities

Wallarm in the enterprise

Learn about key features and benefits of Wallarm NG WAF and vulnerability scanner for APIS, websites and SPAs.

New GigaOm Report: Path to DevOps Success

In depth review of industry practices and success strategies for DevOps organizations

Top Five Challenges in Protecting APIs

Understanding Wallarm Scanner

Wallarm AWS

Wallarm and GDPR

How Wallarm Can Help You Prepare For The New GDPR Standard

Wallarm Datasheet

Real-time protection for applications and APIs with Wallarm instances and AI engine

Wallarm with NGINX+

Real-time protection for applications and APIs with Wallarm instances and AI engine

What’s Wrong with DAST

What’s Wrong with RASP

Privacy FAQ

Wallarm FAST

Wallarm Framework for Application Security Testing (FAST).

Frost & Sullivan report

Global Web Application Firewall (WAF) Market Analysis, Forecast to 2021

Evolution of Real Time Attack Detection

Attack detection is critical for most security solutions

Wallarm AI Engine

Under the covers look at the three stages of machine learning implemented by Wallarm

API reference

Official documentation for Wallarm API


Technical documentation for all Wallarm products and account related needs.

Trucker Path

In the 15 months of using the Wallarm solution in our AWS infrastructure, we have seen already low false positive rates come down even further and had no security breaches..


In general, Wallarm is a good solition for us. We succefully identify and block attacks on our product, without dedicated e ort from our security team and getting exelent protection


Ensuring the ability to meet HIPAA guidelines for PHI compliance and to be able to provide the service at a reasonable price point were also important in the decision to go with Wallarm