Whitepaper: Securing Apps on AWS with Wallarm
Wallarm relies on AI to provide reliable cost-effective application security on AWS cloud infrastructure.

Whitepaper: Securing Apps on AWS with Wallarm

Deploying Web Apps on AWS? AWS shared responsibility model tells us that it’s up to each customer to ensure the application and data security, while Amazon itself will take care of the physical and infrastructure security.

This is where you need Wallarm.

With Wallarm you can be confident that you have application and API protection that deploys natively into the AWS infrastructure and satisfies security and compliance requirements.

Key reasons to deploy Wallarm to protect your AWS-based applications:

  • Protects APIs, microservices, and applications deployed in AWS better than other leading WAFs and AWF
  • Scales with your applications using AWS autoscaling features
  • Deploys natively as an AMI image or a Docker container and is managed by AWS tools
  • Automatically discovers dynamically deployed application modules and new application releases and automatically configures itself
  • Reduced threat surface and better data privacy

Download this paper to understand the Total Cost of Ownership of Wallarm vs. AWF, get deployment details, understand the specifics of AWS security model and more.

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Securing Apps on AWS with Wallarm
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