How Wallarm can address Fintech Security challenges

98% of the world top 100 Fintech startups are vulnerable to web & mobile application attacks
97% of the mobile applications tested have at least two medium or high-risk vulnerabilities
56% of mobile applications backends have serious misconfigurations in privacy issues related to SSL/TLS configuration & insufficient web server security hardening
62% of the Fintech main websites failed PCI DSS compliance test
64% of all Fintech main websites failed GDPR compliance
97 of 100 of the largest world banks are vulnerable to web & mobile attacks, enabling hackers to steal sensitive data
The most common website vulnerabilities are cross-site scripting (XSS), sensitive data exposure, and security misconfiguration – all are part of well-known OWASP top 10

How Wallarm WAF can address web & applications security:

Ultra-low False Positives
98% of Wallarm customers use Wallarm WAF in fully blocking mode
Hear signal from the noise
Distinguishes real vulnerabilities from millions of irrelevant attacks
Easy to manage
Discovered Vulnerabilities are prioritized & reported in the Wallarm console UI & also can be dispatched to any supported integrations like Sumo Logic, Rapid7, Splunk, Slack, e-mail, OpsGenie, PagerDuty
Proven Enterprise scalable solution
hundreds of Fortune 500 customers supported
Hybrid architecture
Integrate Web & API protection right into publicly exposed endpoints without extending security perimeter. Wallarm cloud-based analytics backend allows to dynamically monitor WAF behavior and automatically adjust it to minimize false positives
Build-in Scanner
Build-in Scanner
Platform agnostic
Bare metal, cloud providers, K8s, your own platform, or a mix of everything
Public Cloud friendly
Available as images on AWS & GCP
Machine Learning
Dynamic blocking rules instead of static signatures for each application. Continuously updated API-specific signature-free security rules generated by AI
External vulnerabilities scanner
With more than 120 security feeds connected
DevOps friendly
Chef, Puppet, Ansible, SaltStack, RESTful API for management
With Wallarm it will be easy to implement. You don't need any extra team effort except initial implementation. The rest of your cyber security protection will be done automatically
API protection
gRPC, REST, JSON, XML, SOAP and dozens more protocols supported without any configuration
Multi-platform deployment options
NGINX, NGINX Plus, Kubernetes Ingress, Kong API Gateway, AWS, GCP, Docker, Envoy
Multi-tenancy management
(“Single pane of glass” approach): Unified web panel and API to manage all deployed application firewall instances. Perfect for large Enterprises & MSP’s
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