Protection for Crypto Exchanges
$1.2B stolen because of 12 publicly disclosed hacks of crypto exchanges. Don't rely on commodity security tools that come with CDN. Protect your crypto exchange with Wallarm Security Platform which automates real-time application protection and security testing for websites and APIs across your public and private clouds.
High-profile cryptocurrency hacks
Since 2011, there have been over 50 attacks targeted at cryptocurrency exchanges, ICOs, and other digital currency platforms. High profile cryptocurrency hacks such as the attack on the Mt. Gox exchange in 2014 — which saw 7% of the whole supply in Bitcoin stolen — happen every month.
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  • 2014: MtGox (850,000 BTC)
  • 2015: Bitstamp (19,000 BTC)
  • 2016: Bitfinex (120,000 BTC)
  • 2017: Nicehash (4,000 BTC)
  • 2018: Coincheck (523,000,000 NEM)

Don't get hacked

Wallarm Security Platform provides automated protection for crypto exchanges's websites, APIs, trading portals, online wallets against against the OWASP top 10, application DDoS, account takeover, bots, and others threats. It helps to identify exposed assets and scan them against 500+ vulnerabilities.

applications and APIs with NG-WAF
severity of the incidents with active threat verification
application-specific vulnerabilities with a built-in DAST
vulnerable assets with perimeter scanning
Don't rely on commodity tools
A lot of crypto projects rely on services such as CloudFlare and its complimentary WAF tools to protect their websites, trading portals, customer profiles. However, its basic signature-based approach doesn't protect you against targeted attacks with 0day exploits and by-pass techniques. With Wallarm, you get real-time visibility, high-end protection with dynamic, application-specific rules.
Focus on high-risk attacks
Wallarm automatically analyzes thousands of events to find attacks that present high risk and groups them into security incidents.
AI-Generated Security Rules
AI-powered platform learns from stateless traffic to deconstruct application logic and create application-specific rules. The rules are updated dynamically.
CTO of popular crypto exchange
Our number 1 strategic priority was ‘Don’t get hacked’. All engineering team was aligned to protect all internal and external web apps and APIs to protect against highly-skilled targeted attacks that happen almost every week.
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